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Learn how to write emails that power six, seven, and eight figure email lists — by handwriting proven email formulas from seven, eight, and nine figure businesses.
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9 figure formulas
Hard-wire 50 of the most common email formulas powering 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses
Daily assignments
Handwrite one assignment per day — delivered directly to your inbox for 49 days — for rapid results
Proven methods
My students have collectively made over $800mm+ with their copy

Over my career I've been lucky to peek inside a number of very successful online businesses and see how they operate.
I'm talking anywhere from one-person operations making low seven figures up to huge companies generating nine figures annually. And while they all have their own unique ways of operating, there's one thing literally all of them have in common:Almost all their profit comes from email.Yes they run paid ads, have active social media accounts, and use all kinds of strategies to pull in new customers.But that's just how they get customers in the door. In fact, many companies actually lose money acquiring new customers knowing that once a customer is on their email list, they'll more than make up for it.Their email lists are literally the difference between them losing money every month — and being hugely profitable.If they're a seven figure business, you'd best believe nearly all seven figures are coming from their email list. And it's the same if they're an eight or nine figure business too.Think of it like a glacier. What you see on the surface is nothing compared to what's hidden under water.

And the most successful businesses do it sending daily emails.Meaning... 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, every year.
Now imagine that was you writing those emails.
If you're a freelancer, that means businesses need work from you up to 5 days a week, every week of the year. And while you'll need to build up to it, the most successful email copywriters I know charge a minimum of $500 for just one 300-500 word email — all the way up to $2k+ if they're really good. It's a really, really, really sweet gig.If you're running your own business, well... the benefits are obvious. Being able to write money-getting emails is freedom. It's how you go from struggling to crack six figures — to eventually comfortably clearing seven figures and beyond.Knowing how to write world class email copy — and being able to do it 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year — is a superpower.
But what do you actually write 5 days a week?
And how do you actually turn that into sales?And how do you do it without burning out your list?And how do you do it over, and over, and over again?Really the answer to all the above is simple:
  1. 1.
    Learn the email formulas top companies are already using. They're really all using the same ones so there's not a ton to pick up.
  2. 2.
    And "hard-wire" those formulas into your brain so they're as natural to you as speaking. Meaning, when you sit down to write, you just "think" in the language, rhythms, patterns, and cadences of the best email copywriters.
The easiest way to do that: handwriting.
Or, as it's called in the art world, copywork.

In this case, it's where you take proven email copy — simple 300-500 word emails that hugely successful entrepreneurs and companies have used to generate massive profits — and simply write those emails out by hand (after reading a short lesson on why they work so well).The reason this works is simple: instead of just passively reading a lesson and then immediately forgetting it, you're actually forcing your brain to "put in the reps" and reinforce it.It's a shortcut for forming muscle memory and solidifying knowledge into actual automatic skill.When it comes to email — repeat for 49 days and boom, you're in the top 1%. Easier said than done, but it's real.
This isn't "woo-woo" — I've been training copywriters with it for more than a decade.
Collectively my students have generated more than $800mm+ with their copy so I'd say it works pretty darn well.And if you want to master email copy specifically...Whether to become a high-paid freelancer...Or a seven figure (and beyond) entrepreneur...I want to help you join the top 1% of email copywriters.

Email CopyHour
Learn how to write emails that power six, seven, and eight figure email lists — by handwriting proven email formulas from seven, eight, and nine figure businesses.

Email CopyHour is designed to do two things:First to program the "language" of seven, eight, and nine figure email into your brain as rapidly as possible.Second to leave you with a massive swipe file of proven email formulas you can return to any time you need them.Here's how we do that:

You'll receive a daily email with a piece of copy and a lesson about why that copy works.
This email will arrive the night before so you have time to read it and understand it before handwriting.
Set aside 20-30 minutes the next day to handwrite that email and "hard wire" the lessons & language of that copy.
I recommend doing this first thing in the morning after waking up — before you do anything else — to avoid missing any lessons or falling prey to life interruptions.
Repeat for 49 days.
And develop the skill of writing six, seven, and eight figure email copy.
When you're done, you should be able to sit down at your computer and pump out money-making emails without a second thought. You'll have trained your brain to "speak" in the language of email copy — and it'll feel entirely natural to you.You'll also have a collection of proven formulas you can go back to any time to generate emails for any situation.How you use all of it is up to you.Be a hero to your clients — and make up to $500+ per 300-500 word email you craft.Be a hero to your own business — generating a list of customers and prospects who hang on to your every word and buy what you sell them, every time you sell them.Either way, once you've completed Email CopyHour, you'll possess one of the most valuable skills on the planet.

What's inside
Here are the email formulas we cover
Every day for 49 days you'll receive an email with a quick lesson and a proven piece of email copy (following a proven formula) to handwrite. Those formulas include:
Launch Sequence Emails
The “Whatever Day Of The Week” Sales Email
The Flash Sale Email
The “Top Of Mind” Event Emails
Simple Story Emails
The “Did You Forget This?” Email
The “Things I Disagree With” Email
The Weekly Newsletter Email
The PubMed Email Generator
Curiosity & Secrets Emails
The “This Day In History” Email
The “Message From The Founder” Email
The Testimonial Email
The “Wanted Ad” Email
The Survey Email
The “Do Something Uncomfortable, Comfortably” Email
The Turning Point Email
The Webinar Signup Email
The Complain & Bond Email
The Small Mini Sales Letter Email
The Reactivation Email
The “I Call BS” Email
The Quiz Email
The “Niche Celebrity Actions” Email
The Segmented Affiliate Promo Email
The “Better Than” Email
The 9 Word Email
The Struggle Email
The Fake Illustrative Story Email
The Bad News Email
The Subreddit Email
The FAQ Email
The Welcome Email
Extended lessons
Plus more in-depth lessons
While the "meat" of Email CopyHour is in handwriting proven copy following winning email formulas, there are a few lessons where we need to dive a little deeper.

Extended Lesson
Launch Sequences
One of the most valuable tools you can have in your arsenal is the ability to write high-converting launch sequences. We'll spend extra time covering these.
  • How to write "mini launches" (3-5 days) without needing weeks to warm up your list
  • Use the "Small Mini Salesletter" strategy to sell entirely via email without a traditional sales letter
  • How the most successful companies in the world launch
Included with Email CopyHour

Extended Lesson
Subject Line Formulas
Your copy could be the best in the world but it doesn't matter if no one's opening your emails in the first place. The solution: irresistible subject lines.
  • Choose from a list of the best (curated) subject line formulas
  • Hard-wire the most irresistible formulas in your brain so you can always maximize open rates on your emails
  • Understand the psychology that causes us to need to open certain subject lines
Included with Email CopyHour

Extended Lesson
How Often & When To Email
I have a simple heuristic: just write emails 5 days a week. It's what the most successful businesses do, and it stops you from overcomplicating things. I'll show you exactly what this means and what it looks like in the real world.
  • Before-and-after with 5 day a week emails
  • How to write without needing complicated "serialized" sequences or ultra-long product launch formulas
  • The simple formulas for writing 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year without running out of ideas
Included with Email CopyHour

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Turn yourself into the engine behind a six, seven, eight, or nine figure business.
Look at the top companies in the world and you'll find that email is almost always their primary source of profit.It's extremely rare for an online business not to be driven by email — and if it's not, it's almost a guarantee that a good email strategy would increase their revenue anywhere from 2x to 10x almost immediately.That means if you're a freelancer, top businesses are in need of fresh email content on a near-daily basis — a gig that gets you paid well for simple 300-500 word messages.And if you're a business owner, you can easily turn your business into the seven figure (and beyond) machine you've dreamed of by incorporating an effective email strategy.Email CopyHour has you covered in both scenarios.You'll learn how to turn yourself into the engine driving ultra-successful businesses — by learning how to write daily emails that prospects love and that convert.I've designed this course to be worth a minimum of six figures over your lifetime.That's because it's literally the foundation for one of the most profitable skills on the planet. When you're done, you'll have all the skills and knowledge you need to run a hugely profitable email list for any company.It'd make sense to pay $1,000 or more for that.I've definitely paid more for even less results.Which is why this training is a steal at $297.And if you don't think that's true? Ask for a refund within the first 30 days. You'll know and see a massive difference by then.This is the lowest price this course will ever be...So jump on it today, and I'll see you inside.

Frequently Asked Questions
Should I already be pretty good at writing copy before enrolling in this course?
Yes, you'll get the most out of this course if you're already comfortable with the basics of copy — especially if you've been through my flagship course, CopyHour.Think of this like an (extremely valuable) add-on to your existing copywriting skills.
Is this still relevant with AI being able to write copy?
Absolutely. In fact it's more relevant than ever.Right now, AI is awesome at writing the lowest-value copy — things like generic SEO articles. It's also incredible at being your "copywriting assistant" — generating ideas that you (the human) edit and turn into gold.But when it comes to producing "finished product" copy — AI's not even close yet.And the better you are at writing that, the more in-demand you are right now — because, thanks to bad AI, people (both businesses and consumers) understand the value of good copy now.
Can you tl;dr how the course works?
  1. 1.
    You'll receive an email every day for 49 days with a) a lesson about email copy, and b) a piece of real-world proven email copy that uses that lesson.
  2. 2.
    The next day you'll spend 20-30 minutes handwriting that piece of email copy to reinforce the lessons.
  3. 3.
    Repeat for 49 days.
It's simple, but not easy. Yet when you're done, you will have one of the most valuable skills on the planet embedded in your head.
What kind of results can I expect?
Obviously I can't make you any specific promises. I don't know you, your work ethic, or your ability to actually execute on what you learn.But this entire course is designed to hard-wire in your head the ability to write daily emails that will generate six, seven, or more figures in any business every year.You can extrapolate from there how valuable this skill is :-)
Do I have to handwrite the emails?
While a lot of the value of this course is in the daily email formulas I give you, I really really really recommend you go through with the daily handwriting exercises.Yes, it's got to be handwriting — not passive reading, not typing, not highlighting.That's because handwriting specifically activates regions of your brain that help reinforce every lesson and quickly "hard-wires" them. In this course it's only 20-30 minutes a day, so it's quick — but you will see profound results from doing it.
How does this compare to ...?
There are countless email copywriting courses available. So what makes Email CopyHour different?
  1. 1.
    It's focused on the "general" skill of email copywriting. There isn't a super-secret formula here. I'm just showing you what the most successful companies on the planet do — and how to rapidly hard-wire the same skill in your head.
  2. 2.
    It's focused on 5 days a week emails. You don't have to send emails 5 days a week but everything in this course is centered around having content to write 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
  3. 3.
    It's in my (Derek's) voice. I don't do "scammy", "hard-sell", "guru-style" marketing. Not my style. Read my copy here, get on my email list, and if you like what you read — that's what you'll learn in Email CopyHour.
To be honest though, don't limit yourself to just one email copywriting course. Buy as many as you can comfortably afford. That's how I treat courses — if I get one new valuable skill, it's worth it. Email CopyHour should hopefully be one of many tools in your arsenal.
What if I can't start the course immediately?
No problem - this course is entirely self-directed. What that means is that after you join, you simply opt in to receive the daily email lessons whenever is most convenient for you. So if you need to wait a few weeks before you begin, that's totally fine!
Do you offer refunds?
Yes — if for any reason you don't feel Email CopyHour has delivered on my promises, contact support@copyhour.com any time within the first 30 days to get a full refund.

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About your instructor, Derek Johanson

Hey! I'm Derek and for more than a decade I've been training some of today's most successful copywriters — who have collectively generated more than $800mm via their copy, much of it through email.I've seen inside some of the world's most successful businesses and Email CopyHour is designed to show you exactly which emails work best — and help you "hard-wire" the rhythms and cadences of those emails into your brain so you can use them for clients or in your own businesses.I look forward to seeing you inside.Derek Johanson

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